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Attività didattiche per scuole

Archeologia al Centro Didattico di Sorano a Filattiera e tante altre proposte per scuole di ogni ordine e grado, per imparare divertendosi!

Pedala e Gusta Lunigiana e 5 Terre

PEDALA in sella a fantastiche e-bike alla scoperta di paesaggi inaspettati GUSTA sapori autentici della ricca enogastronomia locale con le nostre Guide o in autonomia con il noleggio Ebikes

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Farfalle in Cammino is a not for profit association founded by three young people who shared the passion for Lunigiana and the responsible travel principles, organizing social initiatives andresponsible travel itineraries.

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Farfalle in Cammino promotes Sustainable Tourism in the National Park of the Apennines and Lunigiana participating in the project Bike Park and organizing trips for weekend or week with use of assisted bicycles.

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Farfalle in Cammino promotes Lunigiana through a lot of initiatives: Churches and palaces open, Tourists at our house, Parco Bike, conferences and meetings with schools, day trips with pedal assistance.

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Lunigiana, the land of Luni, an ancient Roman city which no longer exists, it’s the valley of the river Magra, which opens like an amphitheatre surrounded by the Apennines and the Apuan Alps, unfolding hills, woods and meadows.

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Thanks to the cooperation with the local authorities, Farfalle in Cammino is also involved in the opening of cultural facilities of tourist interest. One of these structures is the Castle of Malgrate.

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Learning center of Sorano is an information point and port of the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, run by Farfalle in Cammino, located on Via Francigena next to the Pieve of Sorano, a symbol for the whole Lunigiana.

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Chiese e Palazzi aperti

Chiese e Palazzi Aperti” is the initiative that every year for a few weekends of July and August open churches and private palaces usually closed to the public through guided tours with professional guides of our association.

Giaredo’s Gorge

One of the excursions propose in summer from butterflies in the way of the Giaredo’s Gorge, a small canyon that forms along the creek Gordana



The activities in the area that help us promote the Lunigiana doing to their customers one of our excursions to make their stay more enjoyable and interesting, giving you the opportunity to stay longer in Lunigiana comprehending its deepest essence.


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