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Travelling often means visiting a place which inspires desires, emotions and curiosity, but when you arrive you’ll understand that the real experience is not the destination, but the journey itself. For us responsible travel means to meet people and their stories, to exchange opinions and impressions, to stay still listening to the rhythm of things happening around us.

Francesco Bola

President of Farfalle in cammino

Art historian and tour guide. Graduated in Medieval, modern and contemporary art history at the University of Parma. His final essay has won the Lunigiana Storica Award in 2008.

Museum Manager, Tour guide in the Province of Massa Carrara and La Spezia and Tour leader.

He has worked in the National Gallery and Palazzo Pilotta in Parma. Now he works at Statue Stele Museum and Piagnaro Castle in Pontremoli, where he is responsible for the Educational activities. Also, since 2009 he has been working as tour guide and tour leader.


Simona Polli

Vice president of Farfalle in cammino

Graduated in Foreign Languages and Tourism at Università Cattolica in Milan. She has been working for years in tourism and travel both in accommodation and travel agencies, also abroad. She works as Tour leader in English and French in Lunigiana, Pisa, Lucca and Cinque Terre.

She also works in destination marketing organizing itineraries and school projects.


Alessia Curadini


Art historian graduated in Medieval, modern and contemporary art history at University in Parma.

Tour leader and Tour Guide in the Province of Massa Carrara. Also, she is Director of the House of Dante in Lunigiana and member of the Centre for Studies of Dante.


Eleonora Bazzali

Graduated in Foreign Languages at University of Parma. She has excellent knowledge of English, French and German. Tour leader and Tour Guide in the Province of Massa Carrara.


Simona Ferrari

She has been working for 13 years in tourism at different travel agencies and for a responsible travel cooperative Viaggi e Miraggi organizing itineraries and as tour leader.

She founded Farfalle in cammino in 2004 and has been president for several years.

She has taught responsible tourism principles at a course organized by Terra Madre in Florence and participated to the projects “Circoli di Studio in Lunigiana” in the Province of Massa Carrara and “Destination Marketing” in Comano, MS.

She also takes care of intercultural and integration projects in Lunigiana.


Elisa Pallatroni

Art historian graduated in Medieval, modern and contemporary at University of Parma.

Museum Manager, Multimedia Editor and Tour leader. She has worked at Palazzo Pilotta and National Archaeological Museum in Parma. She has won the Award for the management of archives and school activities at the Museum of Emigration in Lusuolo, Mulazzo.


Franco Ressa

Environmental guide, Guide in the Park of the Apuan Alps with experience in excursions and trekking in the Apuan Alps and in the Apennines.

Since 2005 he has been participating as guide to one-week environment educational projects in the Park of Apuan Alps and to other educational projects in the Province of Massa Carrara.

He works for Farfalle in cammino as environmental guide and for school educational projects.


Pierangelo Caponi

Graduated in Environment and Territory Engineering at University of Parma.

Environmental guide and member of the Management of the department of C.A.I. (Italian Alpine Club) in Pontremoli.


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