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Since 2004

* Organization of multicultural dinners to raise funds for the association “Un bambino come amico ONLUS”, which protects young workers in Peru;

* Organization of various responsible travel week ends in Lunigiana to promote not only local history and culture, but in particular ancient traditions, food & wine heritage and environmental protection projects;

* Organization for 4 years of the initiative called “Chiese e palazzi aperti” in Pontremoli and in 2008 “Chiese, palazzi e castelli aperti in Lunigiana”, supported by the Comunità Montana and 10 municipalities in Lunigiana, opened not only to tourists but also to the local population, to enhance the knowledge of the territory, its origins and culture;

* Organization of a responsible travel trip to Peru, in collaboration with the social cooperative ONLUS Viaggi & Miraggi;

* Organization of a Congress on Responsible Travel in Pontremoli (2004) and in Massa (2010);

* Participation to responsible travel expos and events in Sarzana “La natura va in città”, Carrara “Festival Con-vivere”, Massa “Tutta un’altra città in festa” and to the Tourism Expo in Vigevano;

* Mounting of an exposition at the Tourism Expo in Vigevano of a comic strip story provided by the Responsible Travel Association TURES, entitled AAA Turista responsabile cercasi” (“Responsible tourist wanted”), which aimed at representing ironically the differences between mass and responsible tourism;

* Organization of excursions in Lunigiana, accompanied by a professional environmental guide who points out beautiful landscapes, but also the fragile relationship between man and the environment;

* Creation, management and implementation of the website www.farfalleincammino.org to promote the Association’s activity and initiatives;

* Developing of a project, co-financed by the Province of Massa Carrara, calledScambiare per cambiare: l‘interculturalità come strumento di crescita e integrazione”(“Exchange in order to change: intercultural exchange as instrument of growth and racial integration”), which involved the organization in Pontremoli of cooking classes for Italian and foreign women as well as photography workshops for young Italians and foreigners;

* Organization of a multi-ethnic party at the end of the above project, with gastronomic stands to taste traditional dishes and exposition of the best photos took by the participants during the photography workshop. Also, children entertainment and afternoon snack with fair trade products from the Bottega Arcobaleno;

* Presentation of the book by Yuri Leveratto La ricerca dell’El Dorado”, about the European conquering of the New World, concluding with a fair trade aperitif at B&B Ai Chiosi in Pontremoli;

* Offer of tourist packages during the cultural event in Pontremoli “Salotto d’Europa” 2009;

* Organization of responsible travel school trips for primary, secondary and high school all over Italy;

* Participation as speakers at the exposition “+ – rifiuti” by the Comunità Montana della Lunigiana at the Rosa Theatre in Pontremoli, to sensitive public awareness of the impact of rubbish on our environment, using games and interactive activities;

* Participation to the Festival “Sottosopra” organized by the International Cooperation Forum of the Province of Massa Cararra, where we showed a documentary titled “Ayazma. Ghetto curdo nel cuore di Istanbul” by Matteo Pasi and Marcello Dapporto, as well as photos exposition titled “Nasname” by Massimo Paolone and Marika Puicher, both representing everyday life in a camp in Ayazma.


Our main 2011 initiatives:

  1. 1- Promotion of the territory

Our first objective is to promote the territory where we live. To do so, during 2011 we carried out the following initiatives:

* Participation to the project “Saperi per il futuro: ritessere il tempo“, organized by 10 Municipalities in Lunigiana and supported by the Apennines Park, the Apuan Alps Park, Comunità Montana, Legambiente and other associations, in order to train a group of young people of the area about the local culture by means of meetings, seminars, workshops, excursions on the territory and events;

* Management of the Malgrate Castle in Villafranca Lunigiana, with opening to the public during summer months;

* Offer of responsible travel week ends in Lunigiana;

* Organization for the 4th consecutive year of the initiative called “Chiese e palazzi aperti”, during which local population and tourists have the opportunity to visit churches and palazzo in Pontremoli, usually closed to the public.

 2- Racial integration of immigrants from Libya

Farfalle in Cammino is an association that promotes also social initiatives including racial integration, thus when last February 2011 many immigrants who escaped from the war in Libya arrived in our area, we cooperated with local entities and associations to help their integration with the local populations, through:

* Co-funding of Italian classes;

* Organization of multi-ethnic excursions escorted by a professional environmental guide, in order to let the immigrants learn about their hosting Country;

* Showing at the Manzoni cinema in Pontremoli of a documentary titled Come un uomo sulla Terra”, a movie produced thanks to Italian and European funding, telling the true story of the African migrants about the brutal actions undertaken by the Libyan government to control the emigration flow.

3- School initiatives 

Finally, another important activity of Farfalle in Cammino is the promotion of school initiatives for local and non-local schools as:

* Organization of responsible travel school trips, including workshops to learn how to create little wooden objects or eco-diaries using recycled materials as well as sculpture workshops using local limestone;

* Participation to an environment education project in Lunigiana.


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