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Our Friends

Local activities who support us promoting Lunigiana

Relax and Learn

Full Immersion english day and weekend courses for individuals and pairs of learners.

Where: Bagnone Emaildavid@wolfson.it/jane@wolfson.it Ph: +39 342 35 94 839

Al Palazz

Village house to rent with views, private gardens and pool, sleeps 2-6 in great comfort.

Where: Bagnone Emaildavid@wolfson.it/jane@wolfson.it Ph: +39 342 35 94 839

Agriturismo il Glicine e la Lanterna

Old rural mansion situated in a quiet place by the river. 7 rooms and 4 apartments to rent, with restaurant and pool.

Where: Pontremoli Emailglicinelanterna@gmail.com Ph: +39 339 8554222

Agriturismo Montagna Verde

Farmhouse at the door of the National Park of the Apennines. 12 rooms and 6 apartments (sleeps 2-3 or 4 people) to rent, with restaurant and pool. Also producer of DPO chestnut flour and honey.

Where: Apella – Licciana Nardi emailinfo@montagnaverde.it Ph: +39 0187421203 /+39 3929963407 /+39 335304121

Agriturismo Saudon

Farmhouse with views over the whole of the Lunigiana Valley. 6 rooms to rent, restaurant and pool. Cookery classes available!

Where: Pozzo di Mulazzo Emailagriturismo-saudon@libero.it Ph: +39 338 5058348 / +39 329 8124503 / +39 335 8117604

B&B Ca Battista

Bed and breakfast in a wonderful house of the 19th century. 4 double rooms to rent, the breakfast is served in the old country kitchen.

Where: Montelungo – Pontremoli Emailinfo@cabattista.eu Ph: + 39 3278387687

Trattoria Pinelli

Restaurant half way between the Cisa Pass and Pontremoli. Genuine cuisine using typical products.

Where: Montelungo – Pontremoli Emailinfo@anticatrattoriapinelli.com Ph: +39 0187 436135 / +39 339 1762310

B&B Ai Chiosi

Ancient rural manor house at the door of Pontremoli surrounded by 3 hectares of land.

Where: Pontremoli Emailaichiosi@libero.it  Ph: +39 340 2357383 /+39 340 5065620

Agriturismo Lucchetti Ferrari

Farmhouse on the hills overlooking Pontremoli, recently restored and using green energy. 4 rooms to rent (1 of which for disabled people). Also producer of IGT olive oil. Oil tasting available!

Where: Pontremoli Emaillucchettiferrari@gmail.com Ph: +39 0187 830571 / +39 340 144 79 03

Ciao Lunigiana

Blog for English-speaker visitors and residents containing lots of interesting information about Lunigiana.

Emailciaolunigiana@gmail.com TwitterCiao Lunigiana FacebookCiao Lunigiana

Ristorante Marina e Paolo

Marina and Paolo, a restaurant and a pizzeria, cuisine using typical products of the local farms. It is situated on the Via Francigena, on the way Pontremoli- Aulla.

Where: Terrarossa Emailmarinaepaolo@libero.it   Ph: +39 0187409022

Agriturismo La Concia

Old restored mansion set among olive groves with wonderful views over the Apuan Alps. It offers 2 wide apartments to rent. Producer of extra-virgin olive oil and lavender products.

                Where: Codiponte-Casola in Lunigiana Email: schonefeld@hotmail.it Ph: +39  320 – 965 26 47

B&B I Poggi di Grace

In a renovated old farmhouse we have two double rooms with bathroom and an apartment with four beds. There are widwe open spaces in a stunny scenary and a wide choice of walking and riding paths in the nearby Woods.

Where: Quarazzana – Fivizzano Email: ipoggidigrace@gmail.com Ph: +39 0585 026279 / +39 329 2194215

Coriana Apartments & Villas

Two apartments in the cottage and of a single detached villa converted from the barn. All facilities offer a magnificent view over the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, WiFi, large green spaces and an outdoor swimming pool.

Where: Piano di Busatica – Mulazzo Emailinfo.coriana@gmail.com  Ph: +39 3494632172

B&B Lo Spigo

Bed and breakfast inside a little village surrounded by vineyard and olive trees, a restored house of the 19th century, environmentally friendly. It offers 5 bedrooms with private bathroom, a big garden equipped for the relax and Wifi.

Where: loc. Montebarelli – Bigliolo-Aulla  Email: info@lospigo.it Facebook: B&B Lo Spigo

La Gallina Cubista

A shop where you can find natural and biologic products, natural fibres pieces of clothes, ecological shoes, natural and phytotherapic cosmetic products and ecological cleansers

Where:Pontremoli, in Via Garibaldi 32 Emailinfo@lagallinacubista.it Ph: +39 0187 831751

Albergo Miramonti

The hotel Miramonti has an old story. It is situated at 600 metres on the sea level, in the past it was a stop on the way to reach the Lagastrello pass. It offers 12 bedrooms to rent, restaurant and swimming pool.

Where: Comano Emailinfo@miramonti-albergo-ristorante.it  Ph: +39 0187.484563

Agriturismo Picchio Verde

Farmhouse with 6 bedrooms, restaurant, swimming pool and riding school. It is in a very beautiful natural amphitheatre and there is the possibility to do horse activities and horse-riding courses.

Where: Molesana – Licciana Nardi  Email: laraf.picchioverde@gmail.com Ph: +39 339563530

Agriturismo Podere Rottigliana

This family farmhouse is among woods of oaks and chestnuts, it offers a group of restored houses according to the rural tradition with apartments which have 2, 4 or 6 beds. Here you can find: swimming pool, mountain bikes and free wifi.

Where: Rottigliana-Pontremoli Emailinfo@podererottigliana.com Ph: +39 3335927240

Appartamenti La Casa Torre

A wonderful stone rural home, dated back to the 11th century, recently restored, is near Ponticello hamlet. It offers three apartments with separate entrance, they are restored according to the original materials and they are furnished with antique furniture.

Where: Ponticello – Filattiera Emailinfo@casatorre.it  Ph: +39 3337522679

Il Tempo del Vento B&B

This B&B is only 7 km from Aulla and is surrounded by the Lunigiana unspoiled green. It offers three bedrooms with private bathroom, wifi, garden and parking. You can use the kitchen for lunches and dinners, the breakfast is prepared by the owners.

Where: Tresana Email:contatti@iltempodelvento.info   Ph: +39 320 012 43 49- +39 0187 185 94 36

La Casa nel borgo

This wonderful Tuscan residence, surrounded by nature and silence, is perfect for people, who want to spend a relaxing and revitalizing stay. It offers 5-6 beds and a big garden.

Where: Previdé – Pontremoli Emailaleprinz@bluewin.ch Ph: +41 79 622 54 85

Agriturismo Mulino Marghen

This ancient stone country house has recently restored and keeps the atmosphere of its past with the original millstones which produced chestnut flour. It offers five bedrooms with a view over the clear water of the river or over the garden.

Where: Noce – Zeri Emailadrianacassinelli@yahoo.co.uk  Ph: +39 3394279338

B&B Eremo Gioioso

Eremo Gioioso is over a hundred years old building in a charming stone hamlet, it is completely restored, surrounded by nature and crossed by the Via Francigena.

Where: Previdé – Pontremoli Emailinfo@eremogioioso.it  Ph: +39 3355647227

Agriturismo Luna di Quarazzana

In an old village overlooking the Apuan Alps, where the time seems to have stopped, it is possible to discover panoramas, tastes and fragrances of the past. An old country house and a part of the village, today a historic settlement, were restored with passion.

Where: Quarazzana – Fivizzano Emaillalunadiquarazzana@gmail.com Ph: +39 3313111202

Agriturismo Ca del Bosco

This farmhouse consists of two country houses restored on the top of a hill with a view over the Magra Valley within a wine company and a breeding of local sheep. It offers 5 separate apartments for a total of 26 beds.

Where: Arpiola-Mulazzo Emailinfo@agriturismocadelbosco.com Ph: +39 0187.439610


A big house in Molinello (Valdantena), with a view over the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine, offers 2 nice apartments and 4 recently restored bedrooms to rent.

Where: Molinello-Pontremoli Emailinfo@casamillenovecento.com Ph: +39 3247857553

Luce Stellata – Casa Vacanze

In the Lunigiana heart, apartments for holidays with all comforts: free wifi, parking, garden. A place where to live the holidays in the peace of the hill. Francesca will be available for each need .

Where: Montedivalli Emailinfo@lucestellata.it Ph: +39 3492882371

Agriturismo Di là dall’Acqua

Farmhouse under the Medicean walls in Fivizzano, on the shore of Rosaro torrent, beyond the time. It offers 3 bedrooms, a small restaurant with a menu of local products, goat cheese tasting food and DPO Lunigiana honey.

Where: Fivizzano Emailpodere@agriturismodiladallacqua.it Ph: +39 348 7722748

Azienda Agricola CapraCampa

On the Licciana Nardi hills live the happy Caparacampa goats. With 100% goat milk, we produce fresh and spicy goat cheese, robiola cheese, semi-matured and matured cheese, two kinds of yogurt: white and with pieces of fruits.

Where: Licciana Nardi Emailcapre@capracampa.it Ph: +39 348 7722748/3294146422

Locanda il Rustichello

A place rich in history in the green of Lunigiana, recently restored with new facilities without forgotten the tradition. It offers 9 bedrooms, restaurant, Spa outdoor, a wide games area for children and e-bikes to rent.

Where: Crocetta-Mulazzo Emailinfo@locandailrustichello.it Ph: +39 0187 439652

Lunigiana Preziosa

Their aim is: the research and the proposal of the “forgotten” flavours, all the fragrances and the emotions only grandmothers’ courses could give.Lunigiana preziosa produces typical products of our land: testaroli (a kind of pasta), panigacci, farinata (a sort of chickpeas pie), castagnaccio (cake with chestnut flour), pattoncine (chestnut flour pie), ceciotte.

Where:Pontremoli Emailinfo@terraeluni.com Ph: +39 0187-831459

Agriturismo La Burlanda

A biological farm which offers bedrooms and apartments to its guests. The offer includes: the excellent local food products, the didactic farm and the strategic position to reach the mountains and the sea in an easy and fast way.

Where: Fosdinovo Email: info@agriturismolaburlanda.com Ph: +39 0187 628286/3336244525

Agriturismo La Selva

This farmhouse is surrounded by the green and it is situated in the centre to easily reach all places of Lunigiana. It is opened for more than sixty years and you can taste all the traditional products of our land.

Where: Via La Selva – Aulla Emailinfo@laselvalunigiana.org   Ph: +39 3296129279

Agriturismo Cà di Rossi

In Busatica di Mulazzo, a terrace over Lunigiana. A farmhouse with 8 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a five-a-side field, a tennis court, a riding school and a wonderful restaurant with typical products and with a speciality: Panigacci.

Where: Busatica Emailinfo@cadirossi.it Ph: +39 3382085818

Park Hotel La Pineta

All the comforts of a hotel in the green of Lunigiana: comfortable bedrooms, a wide swimming pool, a tennis court and a five-a-side field. The restaurant “Da Giovanni” is always frequented by local gourmets, a guarantee!

Where: Cravilla, Mulazzo Emailinfo@lapinetacravilla.com Ph: +39 0187.850220

Agriturismo Costa d’Orsola

An old rural village of 16th century was completely restored and transformed in a lovely country hotel. A wonderful view over Lunigiana, all necessary comforts and an excellent food, a place where people can realy relax.

Where: loc.Orsola – Pontremoli Emailinfo@costadorsola.it   Ph: 0187.833332

B&B Cadrecca

In Licciana Nardi, in a splendid position to discover all the Area of the Parks and the Apennine, you can find a new and comfortable ecological building house surrounded by the green: peace, relax and natural breakfast.

Where: Licciana Nardi Emailropollon@gmail.com Ph: +39 3474711947

Stainer Chocolate

Tradition and innovation in the chocolate world! High quality company in Lunigiana. Chocolate bars has done the company history, but there is also a production of  powder compounds (puddings, mousse, sorbets, milk shakes, ice creams, bakery products, drinking chocolate).

Where: Novoleto, Pontremoli Email: info@stainerchocolate.it Ph: +39 0187.830091

Birra del Moro

The Beer of Lunigiana! Since 2014 the brewer master Emanuele has been making different kinds of beer and his strength point is the genuineness of our land products. The produced beers are 7 and they are having a lot of success among the public and the experts. Prosit!

Where: Via dei Mille – Pontremoli Emailinfo@birradelmoro.it  Ph: 339.7945255

Il Castagneto della Manganella

A company in Lunigiana, which works in Pontremoli and Mulazzo, pays its attention to wood and underbrush products and it offers the best of this land (jam, dried Porcini mushrooms, Creams and Sauces, Honey)

Where: Mulazzo – Pontremoli  Emaillucapom@live.it Ph: +39 0187.850709

I Sapori del Borgo 

A family concern, which for 50 years, directs the attention to quality and tradition. The shop is worth a visit, there you can find and buy homemade typical products of Lunigiana: Testaroli, Panigacci, Focaccette, vegetables Pies and cakes and other gastronomic specialities.

Where: Filetto, Villafranca Lunigiana Email: info@isaporidelborgo.it Ph: +39 0187.493368

La Costa – Az. Agricola

The farm La Costa is on the hills of Pontremoli, one of the sunniest areas of the municipality. It is specialized in the production of chestnut, acacia and wildflower honey. La Costa is part of the Lunigiana DOP honey mark.

Where: loc. Castangiola – Pontremoli Emaillacostapontremoli@gmail.com Ph: 340.7465839

Cà del Moro Resort

Just outside Pontremoli, surrounded by nature, you find all you can desire for a quality holiday: bedrooms furnished with style, excellent food, swimming pool, wellness centre, golf club and a lot of other services, in an oasis of peace.

Where: Via Bellotti – Pontremoli Emailinfo@cadelmoro.it Ph: 0187.832202

Proloco Mulazzo 

Pro Loco Mulazzo was born thanks to the will of young people of Mulazzo municipality with the intention to promote and organize the touristic activity of a territory full of traditions and opportunities. A lot of things are done with the help of the associations and the private people. Follow and sustain us.

Where: Mulazzo Emailprolocomulazzo@gmail.com Ph: +39 348.7041445

Ostello La Stele

In the heart of the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines there is a modern Hostel, recently built. 50 beds with different possibilities of accommodation, available in self-management or with the possibility to give you breakfast, half board or full board

Where: Treschietto – Bagnone Email: lastele@sigeric.it Ph: +39 3663712808

Hotel-Ristorante El Caracol

Hotel- Restaurant with a view on the historical village of Mulazzo, it offers 8 rooms with private bathrooms, free wifi, restaurant with typical menus of Lunigiana and Spanish specialties, Pizzeria, Terrace, parking and green area. Animals are allowed.

Where: Via Pineta, 3 – Mulazzo Emailhotel-elcaracol@libero.it   Ph: 0187.439707

Agriturismo Podere Magaiana

In Ponticello,  one of the most beautiful villages of Lunigiana, you can find an old country house dated back to xv century with a swimming pool, a small restaurant, a riding school and an agility field for pets. It is a paradise in a green area.

Where: Ponticello – Filattiera  Emailinfo@poderemagaiana.com Ph: +39 347.7262903

Castello di Pontebosio Luxury Resort

A noble residence transformed into a luxury Resort with 14 suites, SPA and restaurant opened also to people who do not stay in the Resort

Where: Pontebosio – Licciana Nardi Email: info@castellodipontebosio.it Ph: +39 0187.472050

Casa Vacanze Ponte del Vegnuti

This small medieval village is surrounded by nature and it is near important places. It offers 13 finely restored flats, a swimming pool, a tennis court, spa, fitness, barbecue and outdoor oven, park, naturalistic trails.

Where: Ceserano – Fivizzano Email: info@pontedelvegnuti.it  Ph: +39 0585.982052

La Mia Lunigiana

Online selling of high quality typical products of Lunigiana. Fast consignment in all Europe.

Where: www.lamialunigiana.it –  Emailinfo@lamialunigiana.it Ph: +39 392.3113503

Osteria della Luna

The Osteria food is completely handmade and it ideally follows the Cisa road which links Parma to Lunigiana. The ingredients come from the plain, the hill and the mountains and then Luigi and Maria do the rest.

Where: Pontremoli – Via P.Cocchi Email: m.ravera@live.it Ph: +39 0187.833610

Rustico  Cà Landi

An old stone and wooden mansion with furnishings of the end of the XIX century. it has got 3 bedrooms and it can accommodate till 6 people.it has got a wide living room, an equipped kitchne, 2 bathrooms and a big courtyard, there is wifi and a barbecue area.
Where: Noce di Zeri                    Emailrusticozeri.calandi@libero.it  Ph: +39 347.2655717

B&B La Costa di Gavedo

Small village on the hill with 2 bedrooms B&B, 4 studio flats and 2 flats “ Holiday House”, each with a private bathrooms. The agriturismo is surrounded by the green and there is a very beautiful panoramic view. In the middle of the courtyard you can find the swimming pool with two levels of water, hydro massage and upstream swimming. There is also WiFi and the barbecue.

Where: Gavedo di Mulazzo –  Emailinfo@lacostadigavedo.it Ph: +39 0187 850634/3389050592

Appartaments Casa Donati

The apartment is in the village of Irola, but in a remote location and it allows privacy and relax. It has a wide terrace with a marvellous view over the Valley.There is a barbecue and a garden with vegetables of the season, they are free of charge and available to the guests.

Where: Irola-Villafranca L. Emailbruno-donati@hotmail.it Ph: +39 3294156253

Our Friends


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