For ages it is named Lunigiana, the land of Luni, an ancient town, now disappeared. It is the valley of Magra river and it opens like a big amphitheatre among the tops of the Apennines, hills, woods and meadows and on the horizon the Apuan Alps.

Discover this land walking among the paths and the streets of the villages it is the best way to know people’s life, read in the stones its history, enjoy the nature. Our itineraries tread pilgrims routes, reach the sources of the streams in the mountains, go through the silence of the chestnut groves. Butterflies, when they don’t fly, have a light flutter of wings, so as not to disturb the trees singing.


During the Via Francigena itinerary, but not only, the signs, which make people dream the life of the past, are numerous: the severe outlines of dozens of castles, medieval walled villages, valuable palaces and villas, bridges and Romanesque churches…and then the Stele Statues, stone idols which date back to two thousand years before Christ and represent mysterious witnesses of this ancient civilization.


Lunigiana is dominated by the high ridges of the Tuscan Emilian Apennine National Park and it offers an uncontaminated nature you can enjoy walking among age-old chestnut groves or on the Apennine ridges, riding a mountain bike or riding a horse in the meadows of mountain pastures or swimming in the fresh water of its streams. You can meet roes, squirrels in the wide chestnut and beeches woods or in the meadows covered by blueberries or notice in the sky hawks and golden eagles.


The features of an ancient rural civilization are clear in Lunigiana landscape: pastures in the  mountains linked with muletracks rich in Maestà (wayside shrines) and sources, mills, chestnut groves, rural hamlets and villages of mountain pasture which are more than one thousand meters above the sea level. You can find ancient traditions as for example, the cooking in testi (cast iron pots put on the fire) and the singings of May (people sing in the villages streets some traditional songs to welcome spring and summer). And then the local products: chestnut flour DOP, extra virgin olive oil PGI, typical dishes like testaroli, panigacci, vegetable pie and many others which include the essence of this territory and its uniqueness.

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