About us

Travelling often means visiting a place which inspires desires, emotions and curiosity, but when you arrive you’ll understand that the real experience is not the destination, but the journey itself. For us responsible travel means to meet people and their stories, to exchange opinions and impressions, to stay still listening to the rhythm of things happening around us

Farfalle in cammino is a non profit Association of responsible tourism which works in Lunigiana since 2004 organising promotion events and territory enhancement through sustainable tourism. Our journey style is always connected to a discovery the areas “in a light way like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings”. Our association cooperates for years with AITR, Responsible Tourism Italian Association, Viaggi e Miraggi, Tour Operator specialized in responsible tourism and AEFV, Vie Francigene European Association, but it cooperates also with numerous local organisations and institutional Entities as the Tuscan Emilian Apennine National Park.

Our activities

All the activities of Farfalle in Cammino are non-profit with the aim to promote the territory through the concepts of responsible tourism, environment respect and local culture, enhancing the artistic historical cultural heritage with particular attention to the preservation of ancient flavours, traditions and landscape protection. The association works since 2004 and organizes social events, responsible tourism itineraries in Lunigiana, didactic activities and workshops for schools, events to promote the awareness of our land, environment protection and social integration.

Among the most important events in the last years there is the opening of churches, palaces and  castle in Lunigiana normally closed during the year (Chiese Castelli Palazzi Aperti in Lunigiana), the opening to the public of Malgrate Castle, didactic activities for the schools in the Didactic Centre of Sorano in Filattiera, and a big food and wine event, the Tour-day (Turdei) in Pontremoli.

Since March 2015 some of our partners (Simona, Alessia, Eleonora, Francesco, Franco; Pierangelo) have created an independent professional organisation, Sigeric-Servizi per il turismo which provides high-quality touristic services based on the philosophy of Responsible Tourism, in Lunigiana and in all the area of Parks of the Sea and the Apennine.
Sigeric is the trusted partner of Farfalle in Cammino for the guided tours. For Farfalle in Cammino this is a reason of pride, because we are certain a new sustainable responsible tourism can be, also in Lunigiana, a work opportunity for young people and territorial development.

Turismo responsabile