Our story

Farfalle in Cammino is a not for profit association founded by three young people who shared the passion for their Country and the responsible travel principles. They decided to start an association which could promote these ideals, contributing to the local development.
Since 2004 Farfalle in Cammino has been organizing social initiatives, responsible travel itineraries in Lunigiana, school activities and workshops, initiatives enhancing the territory awareness, environmental protection and racial integration.
The association is open to anyone who, obviously, shares our principles and our activity. Since its foundation, Farfalle in cammino has grown a lot, counting today around 30 associates and having an established relationship with local institutions and associations.
This is a demonstration that passion and involvement, especially among young people, can create important initiatives and give a contribution to various social issues.

Our Mission

Our mission is to let people know the marvels our land has to offer, lightly like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings.

Farfalle in cammino’s objectives:

  • To enhance responsible travel based on best practices of sustainable consumption and production, contributing to the environmental protection, culture and local identities preservation;
  • To promote a welcoming culture which considers the tourist as a “resource” and not as “a landscape destroyer”. Indeed, a responsible tourist is someone who pays attention to the local culture and historical-environmental heritage, who is interested in anything “different”, that gives the opportunity for a cultural interchange with the local population;
  • To support best practices as agricultural and artisan activities that follow traditional techniques, accommodations and other services which use sustainable resources, restaurants which offers fresh and local products, possibly from biological agriculture;
  • To help racial integration, not only of the tourist with the local communities  of the destination Country but also between the locals themselves, who often are from different Countries and cultures;
  • To enhance, both in the tourist and the local population, the awareness of the territory, its historic/cultural and environmental heritage, offering initiatives aiming at the knowledge of history, art and traditions such as ancient jobs and local products;
  • To sensitive also the younger people to all the above principles to help them becoming aware of their origins and territory, and consequently responsible travellers, through school activities and workshops.


The chosen strategies to reach our objectives are:

  • To cooperate with public Institutions, local associations, private people and travel agencies who share our same principles;
  • To organize conferences, training courses and workshops;
  • To promote a travel culture through events such as expositions, cinema showings, books presentations, meeting with the authors, etc.;
  • To offer trips and itineraries in Lunigiana;
  • To enhance cultural tourism as a resource to improve the knowledge of the cultural/artistic and environmental heritage and its preservation;
  • To offer responsible travel activities to the schools;
  • To create synergies in order to guarantee the development and management of the association;
  • To subscribe actions promoted by other associations or Institutions which help to reach our social objectives;
  • To participate and receive grants related to social issues, voluntary work or tourism to enable the association’s activity.