A school trip based on the principles of responsible tourism

Farfalle in cammino in collaboration with Sigeric-Servizi per il turismo offers schools of all levels a new and different way to travel and to know. School trips, workshops and didactic activities inspired to the principles of the responsible and sustainable tourism, where the meeting and the discovery of what normally is not looked carefully are very important.

The protagonists of our activities are:

  • Nature with its ancient routes
  • Folk traditions and typical products
  • Little and great treasures of art and history

An important experience not only to see and learn, but knowing an authentic way to discover the world

But also an opportunity of reflection and a spur to learn (having fun) new and different ways to travel!

Activities and workshops

The proposed didactic activities can be chosen singly or more than one to create a tailor made school trip. Each class can compose the school trip choosing among the following activities and guided tours (duration, price, necessary moving, other useful information are specified for each activity)

·         Stone ancestors – Archaeologists for a day

·         Montagna Verde Bio park – Didactic workshops

·         Treasure Hunt with GPS

·         The Werewolf Legend

·         A Day with the Shepherd

·         A Trees Book

·         Pilgrims for a Day

·         Michelangelo’s Marble

·         E-Bikes Excursions

·         Dante and the Malaspina Family in Lunigiana

Archaeological Didactics at the Centre of Sorano – Filattiera

Next to the Didactic Centre, which is an information point, the gate of the Tuscan –Emilian Apennine National Park, run by Farfalle in Cammino in collaboration with Sigeric – Servizi per il turismo there is the Sorano Parish Church. The church, dedicated to S. Stefano, was completely restored and brought back to its former glory on the occasion of the Jubilee in 2000 and it is accessible also inside. The church was built using river pebbles of Magra river and it has the medieval structure which dates back to 11th and 12th century with three aisles and three marvellous apses.

This parish church is a symbol of Lunigiana, always a crossroads and a place of settlements, as the archaeological findings in the Sorano area witness: in this neighbourhood the archaeologists found seven stele statues (prehistoric stone monuments), a necropolis of the Iron Age, a roman rural villa (mansio) and numerous traces of medieval settlements. Also the name “Sorano” seems to derive form an ancient late Roman or Byzantine settlement. To know more about Sorano Parish Church click here.

The centre is next to the archaeological area of Sorano Parish Church, in Filattiera Commune. It was opened in February 2009, after the restoration of an ancient farmhouse and inside didactic workshops dedicated to different aspects of archaeology and simulation of archaeological digs were made. In the Centre there is a very equipped conference room, a didactic laboratory, an exhibition room and a multimedia room. In the summer the Tourist Information Office is open.